Don’t Just Play – Create.

No longer a niche hobby, video games have taken over the mainstream.  And creating original video games is a top industry. Combining art, programming, design, storytelling, and animation makes Game Design the most creative STEM application in the world.

If you love video games, Bradley University’s In Real Life Game Camp is the first step to turn your gaming into developing.

At IRL, you’ll learn by doing.  Using pro-level software, you’ll build a game from concept to completion.  You’ll learn theory, too, allowing you to understand how the best games in world engage their audience. You’ll test ideas, work both solo and in teams, and at the end of the week have your very own playable game.

Held at Bradley University, students will be taught by some of the most successful Game Design professors and instructors – all part of the nationally recognized Game Design Program.

The six-day day camp will immerse students from the first moment and ends with our Parent’s Play Event on Saturday to show off the original and playable games.  Students will own their games and take them home after IRL Game Camp is over – allowing them to use their skills to continue to build their worlds or begin brand new adventures.

Don’t just play this summer.

Create in real life, at IRL.